Friday, 26 September 2014

Narrative Writing

                                                   JUST DESERT

 "I'm just going to nip over to that pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin for my supper" said Kathy Nohope to her mum Lucy Nohope. "See you tomorrow."

Kathy Nohope had short dark hair, gleaming eyes, a small square nose and always wore an apron.

As she heaved the pumpkin out of the ground she thought she saw a flicker of light. "It was probably just the street lights she reassured  herself.

Apart from the soft glow of the full moon the night was pitch black. The tombstones at the bottom of the hill cast spooky shadows across the graveyard. The pumpkin patch perched at the top of the dark, prickly, overgrown hill over looking it. However the night was calm and cloudless so Kathy had no trouble getting home to her small dark cottage on the hillside.

When Kathy got home she decided to bake a pumpkin pie with the pumpkin she picked earlier. As she chose a knife out of the kitchen draw she saw the flicker of light she saw earlier at the pumpkin patch. She blew out the candle. There it was again. This was not a trick of the light. She lowered the knife and it grew even brighter. Then a white figure came flying out, it was hovering six inches above the ground and was kind of see through.
"G G G G Ghost!" poor Kathy Nohope muttered.
"You have taken a a pumpkin from the haunted pumpkin patch on the day of the dead Kathy Nohope!" the figure screamed.
"I I It is the day of the dead?" Kathy muttered.
"It is the day of the dead!" The figure screamed, "and you have taken my pumpkin and that is why I must kill you Kathy Nohope!" 
 "Nooooooooooooo!" Kathy screamed.

Two weeks later a new pumpkin sprouted, Kathy's pumpkin. "How would you like pumpkin pie for supper?" A mother said to her small child as they stood in the graveyard, at the bottom of the dark, prickly, overgrown hill, below the haunted pumpkin patch.

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